The new era in water trucks

Steel water carts have long been seen as the tank of choice for serious players — but those times are changing.

Poly tanks are more durable, better valued, and offer bigger payloads for all applications, and TTI’s range of poly tank solutions comes fully-featured with top-of-the-line gear — it’s not just slip-on anymore.

As Coates Hire, Boral Quarries, Programmed and other major players make the switch to TTI, the new era in water trucks is here.

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Fully-Featured Fit Outs

Far beyond the slip-on — TTI designs, develops and manufactures complete poly tank water truck solutions here in Australia.

Using only top of the line components from reputable manufacturers, we offer fully-spec’d solutions for all your water cartage needs.

Larger Payloads

At just one fifth of the weight of a similar size steel tank, a poly tank will give you on average 20 percent more from every load.

That means less time spent refilling and more time on the job, without needing to upgrade to a bigger truck.

Built To Last (not to rust)

Over time, steel tanks have a tendency to rust.

Our rotomoulded poly tanks are engineered to withstand the harsh Australian conditions now, and in years to come.

We even back it up with a full 20 year warranty on every tank.

More Cost Effective

Why pay more? TTIs poly tanks cost on average 15% less than a similar sized steel tank.

With a bigger payload, better durability and fully specced fit out, it’s the smart choice.


  • Are poly tanks cheaper than steel?

    Polyethylene is generally a much cheaper option than steel. TTi portable poly water tanks are on average 15% more cost effective than their steel counterparts.

    Poly is much more easily available than steel and cheaper to manufacture. Don’t let the price savings fool you though, poly is lighter, which enables you to carry a greater payload than steel. Plastic water tanks also do not rust.

  • How long do poly water tanks last?

    We’ve been manufacturing poly tanks In Australia for over 20 years. During this time, it’s been extremely uncommon for a tank to wear out. This is why we’re able to confidently supply a 20-year warranty with our tanks, which many other poly tank manufacturers cannot do.

    As for the longevity, we cannot put a timeframe on the life of our tanks, as tanks we’ve manufactured 20 years ago are still going strong today!

  • What can you store in poly tanks?

    In addition to water, poly tanks are suitable for a range liquids. Our tanks are commonly used for storing chemicals like liquid fertilizer, molasses and herbicides.

    The ability to store a wide variety of liquids makes these tanks incredibly versatile. Unlike poly tanks, steel tanks are often only limited to water unless otherwise specified.

  • What sizes do poly tanks come in?

    Poly tanks can come not only in a huge variety of sizes, but also a huge variety of shapes. Depending on your application, you’ll be able to find a shape and size to perfectly suit your requirements.

    As for steel, you will most likely have to get a solution custom fabricated which could be much more costly.