At TTi, we have been manufacturing and supplying reliable water truck solutions for Civil Contractors, Landscapers, Councils and Hire Companies across the country for over 20 years. TTi’s water trucks simply work when you need them to.




The Ultimate Compact Water Truck


The Ultimate Compact Water Truck

  • Landscape watering and maintaining new vegetation
  • General dust suppression and wash-down
  •  Smaller civil projects, where a large water truck is not required


6x4 Civil Spec Flagship Water Truck


6x4 Civil Spec Flagship Water Truck

  • Civil and earthmoving contractors
  • Dust suppression and soil conditioning
  • Large-scale civil projects
Heavy-Duty Baffled Tank

Thick & tough baffled poly tank complete with a 20 Year Warranty

Easy-to-use in-cab controller

TTi's water trucks are fully operated from an in-cab controller

1600L/min Cast Iron Pump

1600L/min, Self Priming, Australian Made Cast Iron Pump

3 x Rear Spray Heads

Centre, left, right with individual on/off from controller

Hydraulic, Diesel or Petrol Options

Choice of variable speed Hydraulic, Diesel or Petrol powered pumps

Pressurised and/or Gravity Dribble Bar

Featuring 3″ Pressurised and/or Gravity Dribble Bar's

LED Work Lights

2x LED Rear Facing Work Lights & Flashing LED Beacon

20m Spring Rewind Hose Reel

Heavy duty 20m Spring Rewind hose reel with twist type nozzle

Browse through the main features of TTi water trucks.

  • Heavy-Duty Poly Tank - Thick & tough poly tank with a 20 Year Warranty
  • LiquidLocker™ Baffle System - LiquidLocker baffling system fitted to eliminate liquid surge
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Chassis Frame - Engineer Approved Chassis Frame with mounting kit
  • Yanmar 10hp Engine, Honda Petrol or Hydraulic drive options
  • 1600L/min, Self Priming, Australian Made Cast Iron Pump
  • Rear bumper incorporating a taillight board with LED tail and number plate lights
  • Toggle-switch Controller - Complete with in cab mount, plug & play wiring
  • 3x Rear Spray Heads - Centre, left, right with individual on/off from controller
  • 3" Dribble Bar Gravity or Pump Pressure operation, on/off from controller
  • 20m Spring Rewind Hose Reel - Complete with adjustable nozzle
  • 3" Steel Manifold Pipework, hot dip galvanised. 3" dedicated suction and discharge ports with camlock fittings
  • Funnel Lid for overhead standpipe filling
  • Hydrant Fill System with regulation air-gap, 3" one-way valve connection point
  • Suction hose storage between chassis rails - 2x 5m lengths, 3"

Choose from our range of upgrade options

3” Electric Water Cannon
Batter Spray Heads
Front Spray Heads
Dial-up Hydraulic System

Popular Water Truck Sizes

15,000L 6×4 Storm™
15,000L 6×4 Storm™
13,000L 6×4 Water Truck
13,000L 6×4 Water Truck
8000L 4×2 Cascade™
8000L 4×2 Cascade™

watch it in action

Watch the latest water truck video to see what sets these trucks apart.


  • Can TTi's Water Trucks be customised to suit specific requirements?

    TTi’s water trucks are premium units, manufactured using the latest in water truck technology. Additionally, TTi can tailor our solution to suit your specific requirements and desired use case.
    Our team of expert engineers can design and build your new water truck exactly how you require. With the latest technology, you can be sure that your next water transport truck has all the features to get the job done.

  • Are TTi Water Trucks available Australia-wide?

    Our portable water trucks are manufactured right here in our factory in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. Through our wide distribution network, we are able to supply and service water trucks Australia-wide.
    No matter where you’re located throughout metropolitan, regional or outback Australia, we can supply a quality water truck to you. Contact our team today to discuss your options.

  • What are TTi’s Water Trucks used for?

    Our clients use our premium water transport trucks for a range of applications. From simple water transport, general landscaping and tree watering through to full-scale civil and road works. TTi manufacture a water truck solution to perfectly suit each application.
    Our smaller ‘Cascade’ trucks are perfect for smaller landscaping, vegetation management and council works where a larger water truck is not required.
    Our larger ‘Storm’ Water Truck is suitable for all larger applications such as large-scale civil and road works where large quantities of water are required.

  • What safety features are TTi’s Water Trucks fitted with?

    TTi’s Water Tank Trucks come standard with a range of safety features that protect the operator and those nearby. Every water truck comes fully fitted with TTi’s signature LiquidLocker baffle system which eliminates liquid surge while cornering, providing maximum safety and preventing the chance of a roll-over occurring.
    Also fitted is a rear bar that incorporates a taillight board with large LED tail and number plate lights.
    Additionally, each water truck comes fitted with 2 LED rear-facing work lights and a flashing LED beacon for further safety.
    Additional mine-spec options are also available.

  • Do I have to clean and maintain the Water Truck tank?

    TTi’s signature poly tank is featured in our Portable Water Trucks. The tanks are rotomolded right here in our factory for UV stabilised polyethylene powder which is both tough and lightweight. Unlike steel, poly doesn’t rust – meaning there is no need for any maintenance on the tank itself. However, the truck and the water truck components should be serviced as specified.
    Cleaning of the tank should only be required if the water is for drinking purposes or the tank has been carrying particularly dirty water which could damage or block components.

  • What makes TTi’s Water Trucks easy to use?

    We’ve left no stone unturned in the development of our water carrier trucks. With ease-of-use front of mind, we want to make sure any member of your crew can operate the water truck with minimal training. At the forefront is the ergonomic in-cab controller which controls all individual sprays. The dial-up hydraulic system also allows the perfect spray pressure to be selected for the specific application.


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We found that TTi has supplied a fantastic product & great service. Even though we do have a lot of other water trucks in our fleet, we’ve chosen to use TTi as the benchmark.

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